There are a number of different packages that RM's Fantasies can offer to you. All our packages can be tailored to suit your style and budget!

Remember folks, all our packages can be tailored to suit your style and budget! Just call for a quote.

KIDS Party Package

We provide a DJ and lights and effects for the perfect kids party!


Standard kids party package

Approximately 2-3 hours


  • Stand with LED star cloth

  • 800 watt PA speakers

  • x6 lights: Domin8r II, Duo Plex, American DJ audience scanner, Mini Kinta, smokeless laser, UFO effect light


Optional extras


  • Bubble machine

  • Water effect light

  • Smoke machine

  • Laser (red, blue, green)


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BLACK Party Package

Our BLACK set up is ideal for birthdays and most special occasions! 


Standard BLACK party package

Approximately 4-5 hours


  • Everything you get with a kids party package, with additional speaker stands to bring the speakers level with the listeners ears, giving a better spread and sound quality.


  • For more bass, we add our 1200 watt subwoofer. Oomph! And even more lights will turn your party into a night to remember!


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Upgraded BLACK party package


Laser and smoke machine

 (if venue permits)


flame machines

(great for low ceiling venues)


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WHITE Deluxe Package


Our WHITE set up is perfect for weddings, anniversaires and just showing off!


Standard WHITE deluxe package

Approximately 5-6 hours


  • There is no optionals with this set up. You get it ALL, plus our classic white stage screens and speaker covers.


  • Also, we don't just supply flashy disco lights, we offer mood lighting as well (Spot lights and beautiful H20 effect)


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You can see more pictures of the set ups we provide on our facebook page!


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